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The job of account managers is quite specific; they are particularly involved in building relationships with customers and managing the sales. They benefit the company in a variety of ways, such as by dealing nicely and politely with the clients and converting them to the loyal ones. Whether you are a company looking to hire account managers for your organisation or you consider yourself a strong candidate for this position, this detailed guide is exactly for you! Get in touch with the leading account manager recruitment agency, Sales Recruitment. Our specialist recruiters are experts at recruiting account managers and we’d love to help your organisation grow successfully.

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What are the skills required to become an account manager?

Here are the few skills that you must polish if you’re looking to get hired as an account manager in a top notch organization.

Polite and convincing communication skills

As discussed earlier, an account manager directly deals with the customers, so they must have remarkable negotiation, communication and comprehension skills  that they can use to quickly come to the same page with his clients.

Identification of new sales opportunities

By using upselling and cross selling techniques, they also take care of the new opportunities that can add up to the company’s accounts. So the candidate who is passionate about this job position must know how to retain the customer and manager relationship.

Problem solving skills

It is no secret that some clients are quite difficult to handle. So the account managers must be expert in dealing with the conflicts that may arise with the clients. They also prevent such issues from rising by continuously updating the clients about the company’s policies and pricing structure of the products.


An account manager knows how to proceed with discount offers while dealing with the clients and how to maintain the budget of the company while doing such practices.

What is an account manager?

  • Sales director is a high level job and you cannot expect this position without prior experience in the field of sales and some financial budgeting.
  • You must have a strong educational background and degrees related to accounting and finance.
  • Your communication and leadership skills must be remarkable that will be evaluated during the interviews.
  • Whenever you hear that an account manager is managing different accounts, it simply means that he is handling multiple clients.
  • There are two types of account managers: Global account manager and national account manager. The Global account manager is directly involved in dealing with clients from all over the world including the remote buyers, while National account managers are the local managers who deal with the people within the country.
  • More expertise is required to get Global account manager position in the companies as compared to the local account manager position

Looking to hire or get hired as an account manager?

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